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“Take Your Parents to Work Day”

Remember when "Take your Daughter to Work Day was all the big rage?"  Now it is so nineties.  The trend today is "Take Your Parents to Work Day."  Before you dismiss this idea as a passing trend, consider the following:

The Millennials are connected generation in more ways than one.  Many still live under their parents roof and rely on them for guidance on matters related to work. Companies are rolling out the big guns to bring in the next group of recruits as the war for talent heats up.  This means they must impress the parents.

Companies like Ogilvy PR are opening up their NY offices for the day so parents can have a better understanding of the future of their offsprings.  McDonald’s is even getting into the act. Here is an interesting link about McDonalds.

Organic Inc., a web-design and e-services firm, has actually been doing this since 1999.  Feedback they received from parents included a better understanding of why their children worked so late so often.  Some parents even thought about re-joining the workforce.

Who cares if this is a passing phase? I suspect it must be working or this too would have gone by the wayside like "Take Your Pet to Work Day."

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