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Are Millennials Changing Their Stripes?

I recently responded to a reporter’s query on the Millennials in Corporate America. She was looking for specific examples of companies who were no longer going out of their way to recruit this sector of the workforce, due to the waning economy. She was also looking for examples of Millennials who were “acting differently” because of the recession.

Here was my response:

Companies are still going out of their way to recruit and retain Millennials, in spite of the downturn in the economy. Good people are still hard to find and companies are pulling out all the stops to hire the best and brightest. Young people are still being choosy. Most still have a choice because the welcome mat is rolled out at home. Unlike previous generations before them, their parents are not pushing them to take a job just to get experience.

She responded by telling me this was good, but she was looking for specific examples of how things have changed.

Here was my response:

I understand the angle of your story. I work with a vast array of clients and this is what I am seeing. Very little change, even though you would think things would be different given the economy.

A tiger does not change their stripes, even when they are hungry for food. The Millennials are who they are. Figure out how to work with them or find other ways to fill your company’s appetite for talent. It is that simple.

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