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Can I Take One of These Guys Home with Me?

So I walk into the Apple Store today to get some help with my new I-phone. You know, the phone that is supposed to be intuitive. First let me say that my husband and I are boasting to all of our friends that we successfully set up a customized ringtone on my new I-phone and downloaded music from our I-tunes library without the help of a 10 year old. We won’t be announcing on this blog how much of our day we spent on this. Let’s just say that it was still light out when we finished.

Setting up e-mail required some intervention. That’s why I called upon the Genius at the Holyoke Apple store to assist me with this endeavor. I sat there in awe as he keyed in the codes, while helping two other customers with their notebooks, without missing a beat. If I were a recruiter, I would have snatched this guy up. Say what you want about Millennials. Their ability to multi-task is downright impressive.

I am trying to figure out how to adopt one of these guys so I can have my own Genius at home. I’ve got a few pre-adolescent people here in training. But it’s not the same. If you don’t treasure your Millennials, me or someone else might very well steal one of them when you are not looking.

Remember, you were warned.

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