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Monthly Archives: October 2008

One Happy Boomer

You may be wondering why this man is smiling. You see, he is thrilled that he has just been carded by our local convenience store. Now I know he looks youthful, but don’t you think this is taking things a bit too far? Seems like management at the local store doesn’t believe their employees are […]

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Looks Like the Canyon Ranch People Could Use a Spa Day

The Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts reached a $14.75 million dollar settlement over tips. Seems the spa was charging guests an 18% service fee, which it never passed along to it’s service employees. These employees are the same employees who had to jump through hoops in order to accept a tip Boston Globe Story. Well, […]

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The ‘Trophy Kids’ Go to Work

Great article in today’s WSJ about the Millennials. WSJ Article. Says exactly what I have been saying to my clients. Although I have to admit, I’m raising some young people in my home and I need to be a bit more careful that I don’t create entitled newbies.

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Next up, Bankruptcy?

I’m changing jobs. I’m just way too good with these predictions. A year or so ago, I predicted Circuit City would go down the tubes with their goof ball move of firing their top sales people, because they made too much money, and allowing them to reapply for their same jobs, while making less money. […]

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Stressed Out Across the Generations

The four generations in the workplace may be different, but they certainly have one thing in common right now. Stress. You can’t help but get stressed out by all the doom and gloom we keep hearing about regarding the economy. If you are a Millennial, who has never experienced the workplace during a time of […]

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Group Hug

Let’s face it. Last week was a tough week for everyone with all the doom and gloom on Wall Street as well as Main Street. I was contacted by a  reporter who wanted to know if managers should be treating employees, who belong to different generations, differently given the events that have just unfolded. I told the […]

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Are Your Sales People Sending Off the Wrong Vibes?

After a long day of meetings on Wednesday, I decided to stop in at Nordstroms to see what the buzz was all about. The media always mentions Nordstrom as the type of store other retailers should aspire to. Hmmm…I’m not quite getting this. Yes, the shoe department is impressive. So much so that I wanted […]

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