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Group Hug

Group hug statue by JL Outdoor PhotographyLet’s face it. Last week was a tough week for everyone with all the doom and gloom on Wall Street as well as Main Street. I was contacted by a  reporter who wanted to know if managers should be treating employees, who belong to different generations, differently given the events that have just unfolded.

I told the reporter that just about everyone is feeling anxious. Therefore, we could all use some TLC right now. Here is what I recommended he advise his readers:

Yes, your experienced workers may have been through a downturn before, but this does not mean they don’t need reassurance. It is important now, more than ever, to increase communication so your people know exactly what is going on.

The young people in your organization may appear like they don’t care if they have a job with your company, but in fact many do. A number of Millennials are carrying student loans that closely resemble mortage payments. Don’t assume they could care less about work. This is the time to ask them to step up to the plate and take on more responsibility. Give them a chance to show you exactly what they’ve got and for heaven’s sake…get out of the way!

It’s hard to think about charging forward when everyone else around you is retreating, but this is exactly what you must do to keep your organization afloat. Invest in your people and their development for they are your future. And don’t forget to stop once and a while for a group hug.

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