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A Job Search Success Story

I received an e-mail this morning from a client who wanted to share the good news with me. Her niece just landed a job! I thought it would be beneficial for people to hear her story. Here is what she had to say.

What is the title of your new job?
Marketing Associate

Where will you be working?
Brooklyn, NY

How long have you been looking for work?
I have been “looking” for a few months… but I moved to New York on Dec 30th and started actively searching within the first week.

Were you unemployed while looking?
Yes I was unemployed while looking- scary!

How many people applied for the job?
400 people applied!

Did they tell you what it was about you that helped you make it through the first cut?
They said it was a combo of my resume and my cover letter.  (I found the job posting on Craigslist and had the brilliant thought of inquiring who to address the cover letter to… so maybe that was what did it?) Also, the fact that I was here, in NYC helped.  The man who interviewed me said that when people from out of state/out of town apply, they are almost immediately disqualified.

Why do you believe you were successful when others have not been?
I don’t really know!  I would say it was more of an attitude thing than an experience/education thing.  I tried really hard to picture myself in the position and made sure to try to relate to the company and interviewer on as many levels as possible.

Is your experience similar or dissimilar to your friends?
I would say dissimilar.  So many of my friends are unemployed and looking for jobs… or hanging onto the one they have by a thread…

What one or two pieces of advice would you give to others who are looking for work?
Keep an open mind and stay positive! And, as I read in your blog, that searching for a job is a FULL TIME JOB…. No one can expect to sit at home watching tv and have offers start pouring in…. Finding a job takes work, and at this point in time, really hard work!

The tips here apply to everyone, regardless of age. I look forward to sharing more success stories. I hope this one inspires people into action.

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