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Watch Your Language

My 10 year old son came home the other day with his permission slip for an upcoming field trip to the Museum of Science. Before handing it over to me, he read the note, including the section on what he could and could not bring on the bus. When he got to the end, he had this puzzled look. He then asked me, "What's a Walkman?" 

I couldn't help but crack up as I tried to describe it to him in terms he might understand. It was at that very moment I realized that the innovative Walkman of my generation was nothing more than an obsolete piece of electronics. How quickly things change.

I'm sure his teacher has used this same note for years and it has not occured to him that this word is no longer in the vocabulary of most people. I'm not going to be the one to tell him, as he has just announced his retirement. I'll let him go in peace.

As for those of you still in the workplace, check your language before sending out memos to make sure people will understand what you are trying to say. There is a whole new vocabulary in use. I suggest you begin using it.

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