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Monthly Archives: May 2009

The True Meaning of Life Balance

Taylor Swift My nine-year old daughter has been a huge fan of Taylor Swift, since she can remember. She was quite disappointed when recently we were unable to secure tickets for Taylor’s performance at this year’s Houston Livestock Rodeo. Seems like my daughter is part of a huge fan base. For those of you who […]

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What Hiring Assessments and Dating Services Have in Common

If I hear one more person ask for advice on what types of assessment tools to use in order to screen candidates out I will scream! Why on earth would you want to screen candidates out? It's like joining an expensive dating service and hoping that you don't meet your perfect match. This simply does […]

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You are Never Too Old to Learn

Mindy Weedin and Don Weedin, Class of 2007 A colleague of mine on the West Coast, Dan Weedin, shared this photo with me of his daughter, who graduated high school in 2007 and his dad, who graduated H.S. the same year. I guess you could say that Don took the long way to graduation, as the date […]

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Telecommuters and the World of Layoffs

It seems that opinions vary as to whether or not telecommuters are more at risk at being laid off than their office-based counterparts. Here's my opinion. I do believe that telecommuters are more at risk when it comes to being laid off. Now before you start posting nasty notes, notice how I said that I do […]

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Are Telecommuters More at Risk?

I received this e-mail today from a colleague: Do you think people who are full time salaried with companies, but who telecommute 100% of the time, are more likely to be the first to be laid off during a downsizing? An IT person for IBM worked from home. He got laid off a few months […]

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What Have You Done For Someone Else Lately?

In this economy, it is so easy to get wrapped up in yourself. But what if you took all of this energy and began using it to help move someone else forward? You could apply this concept to either your personal life or your business life, or even both. On a personal note, you could […]

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In a Recession, Everyone is in Marketing

Is your company experiencing a decline in sales? New customers? Decreased confidence? If you are like most companies in this recession, the answer is YES! Doing nothing about this is actually doing something. By that I mean, if you are standing still and the waves are getting bigger, eventually you will wipe out. Here are […]

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