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See You Later, Alligator!

I gave a presentation to members of the Northeast Human Resource Association (the local SHRM chapter) the other day on what companies should be doing right now to prepare for the recovery. I opened the presentation with some statistics, which many found shocking.

Here is what I shared:

A recent survey from Adecco Group North America, highlights the increased dissatisfaction workers in America have with their employers. According to the survey:

  • 54% of employees plan to look for a new job as soon as the economy turns around.

  • Sentiment is even stronger among younger workers. Of those ages 18-29, 71% say they are likely to look for new jobs once the economy turns around.

I don't know why these numbers are surprising, as most of us know at least one person who will be jumping ship as soon as they can. Yet, CEO's are still in denial. How do I know this? Because they are walking around saying inappropriate things like, "Our people are lucky to have a job." "Let them go try and find work somewhere else."

Instead, they should be listening when their HR Manager walks into their office and says, "We need to talk." They may actually have a point and a few suggestions on what can be done to improve employee morale and retention. Sure you can slam the door and stay in denial. But don't be surprised if there is no one left in your office, when you finally decided to open your door.

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