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What the Heck?

Child place CD into Typewriter

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll keep this posting brief. For the young people in the audience, this piece of high-tech equipment, he is trying to place this disk into, is a typewriter. We "older" folks used to use these back in the day when we used to walk five miles in the snow to school (oh wait, that was the other generation.)

There was no spell check in those days, so we actually had to pay attention in school or at least have a dictionary close by in case we needed assistance. I'm thrilled that we now computers that do spell check. Of course I would caution those who rely on it too heavily to proof their work, as mistakes can easily slip by.

Images like this one remind me of how fast technology is moving. I'm doing my best to keep up. I've now deep-sixed all the cassettes and have become an i-pod junkie. One can only imagine what's next. Kind of exciting, eh?

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    This reminds me; After an intergenerational Elderhostel river trip on the San Juan River in Utah for a week, the group gathered at a private home. A shelf displayed a record player and albums…

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