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Five Ways to Start Your New Year Off Right

I love the New Year. You have an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and begin again. Here are five ways to start your New Year off Right.

  1. Get rid of excess baggage. I'm not talking about the extra few pounds you may have put on over the holidays. I am referring to those people you keep hanging out with that tell you that you don't deserve anything better than what you already have. Remove them from your inner circle (even if that means unfriending them) and see how much easier it is to move forward.
  2. Put your own oxygen mask on first. There is a reason they tell you to do this on planes. If you don't take care of yourself, there will be no one left to take care of the others in your life. Be selfish. Take time to eat right, exercise and work towards achieving those dreams that seem to be left behind, year after year.
  3. Dream big. Why shouldn't you be the candidate that gets that job? Why do you have to drive a VW when you prefer to drive a BMW? Figure out what it's going to take to get there and then go!
  4. Give back. I just saw the movie The Blind Side and was so taken back by how much one family gave. Maybe you don't have room in your home to take in a child, but perhaps you can find a way to give to others who are not as fortunate.
  5. Live in the moment. In Alan Weiss's new book, Thrive! he talks about how so many of us wish our lives away. We are always wishing for something. Instead, do something and have no regrets. I spent three years wishing I had a commercially published book. It wasn't until I got serious, that I was able to find an agent and a publisher. (I'll share more details about this as they unfold.)

My wish for all of you is to have the best year you can have. That will mean different things to different people and that's OK. Just promise me one thing. In December, you won't wish you had done something this year that you could have done if you really wanted to.

Happy New Year!


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