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2010 college graduates to face a highly competitive job market, but one that may pay better than last year, annual forecast finds – SURVEY RESULTS

CareerBuilder’s Annual Job Forecast finds the overall job market for 2010 college graduates will remain highly competitive, but is showing some signs of improvement. The total number of employers planning to hire recent college graduates in 2010—44 percent—is relatively unchanged from 43 percent in 2009 and is down from a high of 79 percent in 2007.

While employers said that experience is one of the most influential factors in their decision to hire a recent college graduate, they also pointed to the following attributes:

  • Good fit with company culture;
  • Comes in with good ideas and asks good questions;
  • Educational background;
  • Level of enthusiasm; and
  • Comes to interview prepared, is knowledgeable about company.

Source: Careerbuilder

So how would you rate yourself or your soon-to-be grad using the following grading system:

Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent

  1. Thoroughly researches the company and walks into interviews with good questions.
  2. Knows more about the company, than just the company name.
  3. In phone interviews and in person, comes across as energetic and enthusiastic.
  4. Expresses ideas clearly.
  5. Retains control of the interview and leaves asking for the job.

In this competitive job market, anything less than an Excellent rating means improvement is necessary. Don’t wait until you get an interview to improve your game. Your competition is already preparing.

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