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A Gift for Your Soon-to-be College Grad That Provides Dividends

Next month, millions of college grads will enter the ranks of unemployment. Now I know that many of you want to believe things will be different for your child and perhaps for a select few, this will be the case. But here’s the reality. Jobs are scarce. However, they do exist. You have to know how to find them.

I graduated college at a time when our country was in a deep recession. Not that much different than what we are experiencing today. However, I was fortunate in that I learned early how to conduct an effective job search and landed work in a field that was difficult to break into. There were many times, throughout my career, where I needed to access these skills in order to remain financially independent.

So as you are looking at cars or an I-pad for your soon-to-be grad I would like to suggest that instead, you consider a gift that will provide dividends. For a limited time only (through May 31st) I am offering a 10% discount off of my job search programs for new college grads. When calling, just mention this offer.

Just think…the money you save from no longer having to financially support your child can be used to buy yourself an I-pad!


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