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Your Front Line is the Key to Your Bottom Line

In last week's post I wrote about a new study by Leadership IQ. The study stated that 46% of newly-hired employees will fail within 18 months, while only 19% will achieve unequivocal success. It's no secret that people leave their managers. So why do so many organizations do so little to help their managers succeed? I said I'd post my recommendation on what companies can do today to help their managers succeed.

Here are my top four recommendations:

  1. Stop promoting people based on their longevity – Just because Sally or Dan was the first one in the department doesn't mean they are the right person to lead the department. Promote or hire the person who has the aptitude for management.
  2. Remove ineffective managers – Not everyone is born to be a manager. You know this, I know this and they know this, so why continue to torture everyone? Find these people other places in the organization or figure out a transition plan to help them exit the firm.
  3. Provide training to your managers – Expecting people to enter into their new roles without any training is unrealistic, not to mention frustrating for everyone involved. Invest in your management team so they can continue to keep the rest of the organization on track.
  4. Manage performance – We all know who is and who isn't working out. Address performance issues so employees have an opportunity to improve.

Remember, your front line is the key to your bottom line. If you want to see profits soar, boost the performance of your front-line managers.

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