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Monthly Archives: July 2010

An Inside Look Inside the Mind of Hiring Managers

While completing  my new product offering, Selecting for Success: The Complete System for Hiring Top Talent, it occurred to me that this kit would be awesome for job seekers. Imagine how much more successful you would be in your job search if you knew what employers were really looking for when they ask you questions […]

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A Note From The Butcher Himself

See what Italy's most famous butcher has to say about my recent FastCompany post. I'm now counting the days (okay, years) until my return. Are your customers yearning to return? What are you doing to stay in touch with them? Response from the Butcher on FastCompany

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Dishing Up Some Treats on Fast Company

Darrio Cecchini-Italy's Most Famous Butcher See what I'm dishing about on Fast Company today. Warning: Eat before Reading A Simple Lesson Learned in Tuscany

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Managing Up-The Key to Employee Productivity

If I had an orange for every moment I wasted trying to get the attention of my manager, I would be able to open up my own juice company. It wasn't until graduate school that I learned it was my responsibility to manage that relationship. But hey, at least I learned this. There are many […]

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What’s Holding You Back?

How many times a week do you spend hours trying to do something that someone else could have easily done in ten minutes? Imagine how much of your life you could get back if you were willing to focus on what you do best and let others do the rest. Case in point. I've been […]

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Say What You Mean…Do What You Say

Okay…it's 6:00 AM and I'm still waiting for a Comcast supervisor to call me back. Did I mention I was told he would call within 30 minutes over 8 hours ago? Why tell someone you are going to do something if you have no intention of doing so? I would have much preferred it if […]

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Why the Right of Passage is Wrong

Why is it that we believe everyone should have to go through the same school of hard knocks that we've suffered through? We see this in the field of medicine where young interns are subject to the same stresses their mentors have gone through just because it's viewed as the right of passage. We also […]

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Success! In Her Own Words

It was a challenge, but I finally got our NJ job seeker off of cloud nine for a few moments so she could share her story with you regarding her job search. Here it is in her own words. I can’t believe your “success” blog is about ME!  Those stories usually happen to the lucky […]

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News from NJ-Success!

You may recall that earlier this year I blogged about a 40-something’s re-entry into the workforce. In my postings, I shared with you her trials and tribulations of her search in NJ. I’m excited to tell you that she has landed a wonderful job in her field! She attributes her success to the work we […]

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