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News from NJ-Success!

You may recall that earlier this year I blogged about a 40-something’s re-entry into the workforce. In my postings, I shared with you her trials and tribulations of her search in NJ.

I’m excited to tell you that she has landed a wonderful job in her field! She attributes her success to the work we did together, as she used the lessons learned in job searching/social media 101 to connect with someone who helped her get an introduction to a hiring manager.

I’d love to take all the credit, but this woman deserves at least half. She invested in her future. She gave up a weekend and drove 5 hours to come work with me and she followed up on all the suggestions we discussed. She was diligent. She never gave up, even though there were times when she certainly felt like throwing in the towel. I’ll ask her to share a few words regarding her success, as soon as she comes off of cloud nine.

If you are ready for the same happy ending, consider investing in your future. Who knows, you may be our next success story!

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