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Monthly Archives: October 2010

The Year Is Not Over Yet

I'm already receiving notifications telling me to put 2010 behind me and focus on making 2011 a year to remember. Hey, the year is not over yet. You've got nine weeks to make a difference. That's enough time to take matters in your own hand. Here's how. Want to lose weight? Cut the fat from […]

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Looking for a full-time Job? Try Seasonal Work

Seasonal jobs may be the foot in the door job seekers are looking for in a competitive job market, according to a new survey from CareerBuilder. Two-in-five employers (40 percent) who are hiring seasonal workers in the fourth quarter this year said they will likely transition some into full-time, permanent employees, up from 31 percent […]

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Have You Listened to Yourself Lately?

I just called a practioner's office and received their voicemail. I can now tell you the exact hours each person works, how to access emergency services and if I would have hung on longer, I probably would have learned how to get a pizza delivered to my house. Have you listened to your own voice […]

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Could Your Job Search Use a Boost?

It’s countdown time again. You’ve got about six weeks before hiring basically goes on holiday. Thanksgiving is the unofficial beginning of the holiday period. This is the time when hiring managers magically divert their attention to sugarplum fairies and potato pancakes. So what’s a job applicant to do? Follow these steps and you may very […]

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Observations From Our Nation’s Capitol

I have just had the pleasure of spending five day’s in our nation’s capitol. I arrived here on Wednesday to conduct a session on Bridging Communication Across the Generations for a local DC government agency. The participants were highly engaged as they stretched their minds and walked away with ideas they could immediately use to […]

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Read This Before Telling Your Boss You’re Outta Here!

I was recently asked by a young family member how to go about resigning with class. I'm glad she asked this question as too many people tell their employers to take this job and shove it in more ways than I can count. Here's how to exit with class and perhaps a future reference in […]

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It’s Not Rocket Science

It’s not rocket science. Although from the way some companies treat their employees, you might think it is. I recently came across this blog posting on Fast Company titled, What Happens When You Really Meet People’s Needs . The author tells of his experience at the Ritz Carlton, which is known throughout the world for […]

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Are Your Policies Just Plain Stupid?

I'm an active participant on an HR Forum where HR people hang out and ask questions. The other day, someone posted a question regarding workplace dress, specifically relating to an establishment in the hospitality industry. I about fell off my rocker when the following was posted: "We do not allow any, other than the wedding […]

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