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I just returned from watching The King's Speech, which happens to be a fine film. What struck me most about Geoffrey Rush's character (WARNING-Spoiler Alert,) is that he was able to help his client, the King of England, significantly improve even though Rush lacked all these letters after his name.

People mistakenly think that fancy designations after someones name means that they have the credentials to get the job done. Yes, sometimes this is the case. However, in many situations the certifications only mean that someone has gone through the designated hoops in order to be certified. Of course, we have no idea who is certifying the certifyers. We see this a lot in the field of executive coaching.

Let me ask you something. Would you rather work with a coach who has been in your shoes or someone who attended a week long program and has 80 hours of coaching under their belt? The King has a choice and thankfully he made the decision to move forward based on the success he had achieved with someone who was just plain good at his job. You don't have to be King to have the same rights. Choose the person who can help you improve your condition, even if they aren't a XYZABC certified professional.


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