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Monthly Archives: March 2011

The Five Must Have Qualities of an Effective Manager

Quick–What qualities come to mind when you think of an effective manager? Here is my list of the five must have qualities of an effective manager. I wrote this list (and my book) based on my experiences of  working for some pretty ineffective managers. 1. Strong communicator-Communicate with your employees so they always know where […]

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Is Management Overrated?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. People are given or take on roles where they are temporarily in charge. Some, who don’t want to be there, wind up assuming these positions on a permanent basis. What’s your story?  Does your work life resemble a comic strip? Do you think  management is overrated? […]

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Help! My Boss is a MicroManager. What Do I Do?

I received an e-mail this morning asking me for help in dealing with a micromanager. To make matters worse, this person turns ten minute meetings into two hour sessions. I thought I would share my reply since this seems to be a problem that is common throughout organizations. While doing research for my book, Suddenly […]

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Suddenly in Charge Takes UK by Storm

Just in:  Suddenly in Charge is a top ten pick in the UK! That’s right…I’m sitting right next to Sir Richard Branson, who is no doubt trying to figure out how he can get his hands on a signed copy of my book. My bags are packed and I’m ready to head over to the […]

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What Happens When The Career You Ordered Is No Longer Filling?

Most of us begin our careers really jazzed about what we will be doing for the next thirty or forty years. Then, something happens. We wake up one morning only to find that the career we ordered is no longer filling our hearts, minds and sometimes indeed our stomachs. It can be somewhat comforting to […]

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Breaking the Code: How to Decipher Your Boss’s Management Style

How I long for the Sixties. Back in those days, you could receive a free decoder ring inside boxes of select breakfast cereals. I can’t say for sure if that ring really worked, as I wasn’t allowed to venture too far outside the four walls of the playroom. But for a young child, there was […]

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Is Google Breathing Their Own Exhaust?

In a noble quest to build a better boss, executives at Google have embarked on a plan code-named Project Oxygen. While this may sound like a plan to create the next search engine algorithm or app, it was instead Google’s way of unraveling the genetic code for determining the make-up of exceptional bosses at Google. […]

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