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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Is Your Boss Driving You Psycho? Horrible Bosses

Oh this is going to be good. Warner Bros./New Line Cinema is releasing a new movie on July 8th called Horrible Bosses. I’m betting people will be trampling over one another to secure a ticket to this movie. We’ve all had them and some of us still are experiencing the horrible boss. But what’s an […]

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Tips to Engage Your Summer Hires

Things are about to heat up in your office. It’s called the influx of summer hires into your company. Here are six cool ideas to maximize the power of summer hires: Sodafest-Since many summer hires are under the legal drinking age, we recommend having a sodafest (rather than a beer bust) to welcome new hires […]

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A Letter to the Class of 2010 (Not a Typo)

Dear Class of 2010, I’m sorry to say that your time in the sun is fading fast. Those of you who have gotten comfortable in your job at the country store, instead of continuing to pursue a job in your field, are now facing the reality of being yesterday’s news. You ask, how can this […]

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Shuffling Off to Buffalo

I’m on my way to Buffalo, courtesy of Southwest Airlines. No, they didn’t give me a free ticket. My “direct flight” from Hartford is heading to Buffalo for fuel. Why? I have no idea or believe me, I would be sharing this information with you. Passengers around the Globe are being kept in the dark. […]

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Qualities of An Effective Manager

Here is my list of the five must have qualities of an effective manager, which I shared yesterday with the employees of Gen Re (a Berkshire Hathaway company). I put this list (and my book) together, as a result of working for some pretty ineffective managers. 1. Strong communicator-Communicate with your people so they always […]

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Are You Providing Value?

Some of you may be wondering why I am posting a photo of what appears to be an apartment. This is but a small section of my hotel room, here at the Platinum Hotel in Las Vegas. The “room” is about 850 square feet, which is larger than some city apartments that I’ve rented. This […]

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What Employees Really Need From Their Bosses

Most bosses think employees prefer a hands-off boss, but what would you say if I told you that most employees prefer to have a boss that provides them with on-going feedback? Would you continue to be an absentee boss or would you adjust your style? Many of you may be thinking that if this were […]

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