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Tips to Engage Your Summer Hires

Summer Hires Taking the Office By Storm

Things are about to heat up in your office. It’s called the influx of summer hires into your company. Here are six cool ideas to maximize the power of summer hires:

  1. Sodafest-Since many summer hires are under the legal drinking age, we recommend having a sodafest (rather than a beer bust) to welcome new hires onto the team, before their official start date. This will ease the tension often felt by those who enter the workplace without a friend in site.
  2. Prepare their workspace before their arrival-Nothing like walking into work only to find your boss in your office, throwing your predecessor’s name plate into the trash. Prepare the workspace before your employees arrive.
  3. Plan to manage-Summer hires are usually less experienced than regular full-time hires. Arrange time on your schedule to check in frequently with this person to ensure they are getting the direction they need.
  4. Be inclusive-Invite summer hires to activities you are holding for regular staff. Don’t be concerned that some meetings may be over their head. Most are there to learn.
  5. Ask for feedback-Ask your summer hires for their feedback regarding observations about your company. Their fresh perspective may provide you with ideas you never would have thought about on your own.
  6. Maximize their talents-People right out of school, have some amazing technical skills. Leverage these skills and hire someone else to go out and fetch the coffee.

Summer hires are a valuable resource for employers seeking help during peak times. They can also be a great pipeline for future employees.

Do you remember what your first summer job was like? Share your story.

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