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Can “C” Players Be Fixed?

Can “C” players on your team be fixed? Maybe they can, but what I would like to know is why these people are still employed by your company when there are plenty of A players available for hire. Here’s what happens when you allow these people to stay.

  1. You devote the lion’s share of your energy and resources to fixing these people only to realize that things aren’t getting much better.
  2. Your acceptance of their behavior becomes the new gold standard. By that I mean, employees quickly realize that they don’t have to exert much effort in order to collect a paycheck.
  3. A players search for better teams. Why? Because star performers want to be associated with other star performers.
  4. Customer service levels and profitability rapidly declines as customers search for places where exceptional service is the norm and not the exception.

So how do you get yourself out of the mess you’ve created?

Begin by taking a close look at who the real keepers are. Continue to provide them with rewards such as pay increases, bonuses and continued development.

Put your C players on notice. Give them 30 or 60 days to turn things around or they are gone. Better yet, let them know it’s clear to you that things haven’t been working out for quite some time now. Give them the option of resigning or inform them you have no choice but to end the relationship.

Investing in C players is a common mistake made by those who are afraid to hold people accountable and to let people go who aren’t cutting it. You have to let go, before you can grow again.

What lessons have you learned about keeping C players on the team?

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