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Your Choice: Good Boss or Bad Boss?

I recently saw the movie “Horrible Bosses” where the  4:30 showing was packed. You could hear theater goers cheering for the three lead characters who were out for revenge.

As someone who works closely with leaders to help them avoid landing on the “hit list” of employees, I can certainly empathize with those in the audience. Unfortunately, organizations are tossing people into management with little more than a prayer. It’s no wonder why their subordinates are out for blood.

In today’s environment of budget cuts, leaders have to take responsibility for their own learning as management training programs have gone the way of 401(k) matches. You have a choice. You can do nothing and possibly go down in history as one of the worst bosses ever or you can get some help along the way to strengthen your leadership skills and perhaps go down as the best boss that someone has ever had.

What’s it going to be? Good Boss or Bad Boss?

What’s your story? Do you have any lessons that you’ve learned along the way that can help others interested in staying on the good side?


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    I have had some horrible bosses along the way as well as some incredibly good bosses. I have learned from both. From the good bosses, I learned the importance of integrity and communication. From the bad bosses, I learned that it is really easy to spot insincerity and insecurity and unpleasant to have to work around. Bad bosses taught me to stand up for myself. Good bosses taught me to dig deep within myself to reach for excellence in my work.

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