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Dealing with a Diffcult Co-worker

Dealing with a Difficult Co-worker

Sooner or later it happens to all of us. We experience life with a difficult co-worker. In a better economy you might choose to pick up your toys and go elsewhere. But in these uncertain times, most people have little choice but to find a way to deal with people they would never choose as friends.

Here are some strategies to help you get through the day.

Address the situation at hand-Ignoring the problem will only make matters worse.  Complaining about it to others will make you look like a whiner.  Those in charge will wonder why you aren’t capable of handling your own problems. That’s why it’s important to address problems with co-workers.

Look in the mirror-It takes two people to have a conflict. Do you always seem to experience problems with co-workers or is this an isolated incident? Is the person you are having the conflict with getting along with everyone but you? Examine what if anything you may be doing to contribute to this situation.

Set up a time to speak privately-It may be difficult to find a private place to speak, when you are working on the floor or if your workspace is a cubicle. Ask your co-worker if it would be possible to meet privately in one of the private offices or at the local coffee shop before or after work.

Express your feelings-Begin your conversation by telling your co-worker how you feel and then allow time for your co-worker to respond. Be ready to present specific examples to support your statements.

If all else fails, you may have to involve others. That is, unless you get lucky and the difficult co-worker quits because it just too difficult dealing with you!

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