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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Guest Post: Ten Ways to Inform Employees About Weather Closure

It’s been a quiet winter here in New England, but it looks like that’s about to change today. Today’s guest blog posting is courtesy of PhoneService. Most companies want their employees to show up for work come hell or high water, but sometimes weather conditions make it impossible. Hurricanes, blizzards, floods, tornadoes and other severe […]

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What to Do If Your Employees Are Sucking the Life Out of You

Are you cutting corners to avoid those employees who are making your life–and your business–miserable? Follow these five steps to breathe life back into your organization. How to Prevent Employees from Sucking the Life Out of You Are you feeling exhausted these days? Have you considered resigning from the company you founded? Welcome to the […]

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It’s Not About the Money

In a recent conversation, it was pointed out to me that people were leaving their employers for “miniscule raises.” If you believe this is really why people are leaving then you are only fooling yourself. People leave because they are unhappy in their current situation and/or they feel disconnected from the organization. It’s that simple. […]

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The Real Cost of Zero Percent Pay Increases

Companies everywhere are trying to reign in spiraling costs. The first thing to go is usually pay increases. But is this approach costing or saving organizations money? Eliminating pay raises, particularly for top performers, costs more than you think. Here are five signs that indicate you might have made a mistake by telling your top […]

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No Heavy Lifting at US Air

When did flight attendants stop helping passengers’ board for an onetime departure? On a recent US Airways flight flying from Hartford to Miami, I encountered a flight attendant who must have been a former kindergarten teacher. Let’s just hope she treated her kindergarteners with more respect than she treated her passengers. The flight to Miami […]

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The Secret is Out: What’s Behind All Those Successful Business Women

The world is about to get richer for Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg, who according to Facebook’s filing last week, made nearly $31 million last year, including base salary, bonus and $30.5 million in stock awards. She owns 1.9 million shares in the company and an additional 39 million in restricted stock options. If Facebook goes […]

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Is Your Loyalty Card Driving Business Away?

Am I the only person who finds loyalty cards more trouble than they are worth? I stopped into Barnes and Noble yesterday to purchase a few travel books. At the checkout, I mentioned that my husband happened to be a member of their loyalty club. Since I didn’t have their card on me, I was […]

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