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I’m Outta Here!

I’m  paying closer attention to where I’m investing my time and money these days. In the last several months, I’ve decided not to renew two long-term affiliations that I’ve had with associations. Why? Because I’m no longer valued there and I’m no longer receiving any value. That seems like two really good reasons to say, “I’m Outta Here!”

I’m also unsubscribing from e-mail lists that bombard me with e-mails daily (and in some cases more than once a day) and I’m ridding myself of subscriptions to newsletters that have no value to me. They may have value to others, but not to me.

My colleagues in the corporate world seem to be on a spring cleaning kick as well. Only they are taking more drastic measures. They’ve decided to no longer stay someplace where they aren’t valued. That’s lucky news for  employers looking for top talent and some not so lucky news for those employers who will soon be left with mediocre talent.

Everyone is looking for value these days. If you are not, then perhaps you should be.




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