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Time Out for Talent

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What’s Your Purpose?

Quick-What’s your company’s purpose? If you can’t roll this off your tongue then you are in trouble. A new report by global brand consultancy Calling Brands has revealed that working for an organization with a clearly defined Purpose — an underlying ethos that goes beyond commercial and operational goals — is second most important to […]

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Just Because You Think a Job Stinks, Doesn’t Mean Everyone Else Agrees

Employers tell me all the time that a particular job in their organization stinks and that no one will want to do this job. I believe there is a job for everyone and that we shouldn’t let our beliefs get in the way of allowing someone else to take pride in their work. I have […]

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Is Talent Overrated?

Some people think talent is overrated. That’s because they can’t seem to figure out a way to get their hands on the talent they need to take their businesses to the next level. So instead, they convince themselves that slow and steady workers will win the race. Leaders of these companies will keep plodding along, […]

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Hitting it Out of the Park

Lucky me! I was taken to a Red Sox game for Mother’s Day where I watched the Sox hit the ball out of the park. I got to watch first hand as player after player hit the ball (yes, we are talking about the 2012 Red Sox team). Their hitting looked effortless. But here’s what […]

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This is How You Brew Passion

This past weekend my husband and I attended the American Craft Brewers Conference in sunny San Diego. I was honored to be selected as a speaker for this amazing event. And I do mean amazing. Over the past six months I interacted with a number of people at the Brewers Association and every person I […]

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I’m on my way home after speaking at a national conference where I was asked by a participant to sign his conference planner. At first I was flattered, thinking he knew that I was a published author. My excitement quickly turned to dismay when he told me that he needed to obtain signatures to prove […]

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