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I’ve worked with enough business owners to know that it’s almost impossible to see what is going on all around their organizations. For many, it’s like being in the eye of the storm. Things are calm around you, as the crap is hitting the fan elsewhere. That’s where an outside expert can help. They can […]

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What Century are Your Employees Living in?

I picked up my son the other day at his friend’s house. The phone rang while I was there and one of his friend’s moms answered the call. I could only hear one side of the conversation, but you can imagine how puzzled I was by her question to the caller. “Do you know what […]

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How to Deal with Conflict in the Workplace

Things appear to be fine in your organization. There is a sense of calm flowing above the cubicles. Employees are interacting in a respectful way and are working well as a team. Then your company lands a huge new contract. Everyone is working overtime. Voices are rising and fingers are pointing. The majority of your […]

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First Impressions Matter

Yesterday, I walked into a company and was greeted by the Director of First Impressions. That’s right. This is the job title for the person who was sitting at the front desk greeting guests. I was impressed. I had the opportunity to chat with the woman behind the desk. She was outgoing and friendly and […]

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When’s the Last Time Your Employees Smiled?

I had the good fortune today to observe a young man at the register of my local burrito shop who had a smile that would make even the late Paul Newman envious. This guy’s smile was contagious. So much so, that I could hear a number of people comment to him how nice it was […]

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Five Ways to Attract A-Players to Your Team

How is it that some companies in the same industry do extremely well in tough economic times and others are barely able to make payroll? Companies who do well have a secret ingredient (well, it’s not really a secret) that the other guys don’t have. It’s called A-players. Here are five ways you too can […]

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