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What if You are Great and No One Knows About it?

I’m working with a number of clients on helping them improve their ability to attract top talent. As part of our engagement, we are working on communicating the culture to potential job seekers and are using the web to do so. This approach is affordable and works for companies of any size.

It’s no secret these days that the first thing a job candidate does is check out the company’s website. In other words, they’ve already decided if they want to come and work for you before you even extend an invitation to come in for an interview. Apparently, some companies are doing an incredible job of creating effective employment branding videos. Or at least we are led to believe this is so.

A colleague recently sent me a list of New England companies who are up for recruitment video of the year. I immediately decided to check out these videos to see what differentiates them from the rest. Of the five nominees, three did not have videos up on their websites. Or if they did, I certainly didn’t see it.

I have to wonder what these great companies were thinking when they went to the trouble of putting together a video to demonstrate to candidates why they should come work for them and no one bothered to think about actually putting the video on the site where people might see it.

As you can see, it’s really very easy to stand out in the crowd these days.

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