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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Mind Your Manners

As a business consultant, I’ve worked in dozens of organizations. Most have one thing in common. Lack of kitchen manners. I’m thinking of starting a business where I will be selling custom designed signs that read, “Your mother doesn’t work here. Please clean up after yourself.” Each sign would be designed to reflect the culture […]

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Working for Free, Versus Working For Nothing

I’ve got a new mantra these days. I’d rather work for free, than work for nothing. By that I mean, I’d rather donate my services to a cause that I believe in then allow people to purchase my services and products for a fraction of their value. A lot of people are using the economy […]

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3 Basics for Hiring an Effective Coach

Yesterday, I observed an amazing coach in action. He’s a neighbor of mine who helped my husband maximize his potential in the world of home maintenance. I watched closely, as I knew I could apply his techniques to the world of business coaching. I’ll readily admit that neither my husband nor I are the DIY […]

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So Long Olympics…Hello Productivity!

I know many of you are sad that the closing games of the 2012 Olympics are taking place as I write. I for one am glad, as it’s time to get back to work. My friends in Silicon Valley have Facebooked (is that even a word) pictures of large screens displaying the Olympics during working […]

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Dumb, Stupid Rules That Will Kill Your Company’s Culture

It’s hard to imagine that the Olympics would have some dumb stupid rules, but I guess if this world-class organization can have some, so can you. U.S. gymnast Jordyn Wieber, the reigning world all-around gymnastics champion, cried when she failed to make it to the women’s all-around finals. I can’t say I blame her. Wieber […]

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