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So Long Olympics…Hello Productivity!

I know many of you are sad that the closing games of the 2012 Olympics are taking place as I write. I for one am glad, as it’s time to get back to work. My friends in Silicon Valley have Facebooked (is that even a word) pictures of large screens displaying the Olympics during working hours. I won’t mention that they were viewing the games while dining on Sushi from the company Sushi bar. I mean really, how much work do you think got done these last two weeks when we were staying awake until midnight to catch the last event of the evening?

I’m glad tomorrow is another day and a day without Olympics as I won’t be tempted to see what’s streaming live online and on cable. No, instead I will be productive. I’ll get the chapter that I started to write two weeks ago done and will complete the letter of agreement promised to a client. I may even have time to take a walk on the beach, since I won’t have to be glued to my chair any longer. I’m quite optimistic about the increase we will see in productivity across the globe. That is until the winter Olympics roll around in 2014.

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