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Are you Tangled by the Bureaucracy You Created?

Your intentions might be good, but in the end has your bureaucracy made it impossible for your managers to swiftly bring in talent? Job Requisitions used to be as popular as shoulder pads in women’s clothing. Thankfully most people have removed the pads and streamlined the hiring process that was weighing them down. Have you done the same in your organization?

Project your hiring needs at the beginning of the year and review your plan quarterly with the understanding that adjustments will be necessary as the needs of the business change. Make this process as simple as possible to avoid having to call a costly all staff meeting for approvals.

Are people in the hiring process that shouldn’t be? It may be nice to have every employee interview every perspective employee but is this really necessary? Decide who should absolutely be involved in this process and give everyone else permission to carry on with their jobs.

Does it take an act of God to have a salary offer approved? Set a salary range and allow the hiring manager to negotiate the details with his or her new hire. There is no need for you to see the offer before it’s given, unless of course you don’t believe your manager is capable of doing his or her job.

A smooth hiring process will accelerate your ability to quickly bring in the talent you need. To do this you must remove the barriers that are preventing you from getting out of your own way.

Make 2013 the year you get yourself untangled.


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