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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Boston Proud

It’s been a week since the Boston bombers did the unthinkable and made us New Englanders stop in our tracks. I feel the need to acknowledge the events of the past week and thank those who put their lives on the line to make our great city safe again. This was the year that I […]

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Are You Making it Impossible for Customers to Buy From You?

I’ll admit that I’ve always hated those Macy’s commercials advertising their pre-sale. You know, the ones that invite you into the store to look at the items that will be going on sale shortly. But it wasn’t until yesterday that I could see that I was not alone. I took my daughter to the Holyoke […]

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A Message to Every CEO, Senior Executive and Business Owner

I’ve spent the last several days calling into companies to speak with executives and quite frankly, I’m even more sure they need my help than I was when I started making my calls. I was reaching out to follow up on an invitation to attend an invitation only executive breakfast on Creating Your Solar System […]

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Is Your Executive Assistant Helping or Hurting Your Brand

I was following up with a bunch of CEOs this morning and wound up speaking with several executive assistants. One of the executive assistants was rude and inappropriate. She let me know in no uncertain terms that I should never call here again. Little does she know that I will indeed take her advice, which […]

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The Truth About Youth

Here are some of the cold hard facts about today’s youth. Most will not stay with your company for the rest of their lives. Maximize the time you have together and when you part ways, do so knowing you’ve enriched the life of another person on this planet. With youth comes inexperience. They are not […]

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