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Quickest Ways to Find Great Employees

Office_party_Christmas_1979Over the years I have worked with a lot of organizations to help them reduce the time and money invested in hiring. Here are my top five ways to quickly find great employees:

  1. Referrals-Ask employees for the names and contact information for those who they believe would be a great addition to the team. Don’t stop there. Ask everyone you know for referrals.
  2. Former employees-Thankfully the days of never rehiring those who chose to move on are long gone. At least this is the case in forward thinking companies. Go back through your database and contact those who you’d gladly accept back to see if they are interested in coming home.
  3. Other people’s great employees-It’s rare these days to come across an employee who provides stellar service or who leave you with a lasting impression. When this does happen, be sure to ask that person if they know of others who might be in need of a new job. They may give you a name or two or they might say, “Hey, what about me?”
  4. Recruitment firms-Sometimes you need to make a hire right away. Any delay could result in loss of significant revenue. Turn to a third-party recruiter who can present you with pre-screened candidates and who can help you cut your hiring time in half.
  5. Use a contract recruiter-Contract with an experienced contract recruiter whose only job is to fill specific positions. They are there when you need them and they go away when you don’t.


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