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Monthly Archives: November 2013

It’s 3:00 PM…Do You Know Where Your People Are?

Something interesting happened yesterday. I was having coffee at a Starbucks in a retail center when a storm of workers descended around 3:00 PM. I wouldn’t have thought twice about this if I were in a downtown location, but this happened way out in the burbs. I thought to myself, if I were a recruiter, […]

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Offering Value

I took a client out to lunch the other day at a local restaurant and was surprised to find out that there is a price tag on every head (or shall I say tail) of shrimp. We both ordered the Caesar salad and for a small up charge, my client was able to add chicken. […]

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How CEOs Can Gain Visibility And Increase Employee Magnetism

In my recently released book, Talent Magnetism, I talk about how CEOs can increase their connection with their employees. Here are five of the many ways CEOs can dramatically improve their employee magnetism and prevent top talent from leaving. Hold Town Hall Meetings whenever you are on site at a remote location so you can […]

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Do You Really Believe You Are the Best?

When I ask new client’s how they would describe their companies they often respond by saying things like, “We’re a decent employer.” Or, “We hold our own in the market.” Wow! Decent and holding their own…who wouldn’t jump to get on board with those kind of companies? The truth is that no one would be […]

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Be Bold!

Last Friday, I met with my mentor Alan Weiss to discuss my business and how I can continue to offer substantial value to clients and prospects. Here’s what he said. “Roberta, you need to be more bold.” I found that statement quite surprising considering I’m a native New Yorker who has never had a problem […]

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