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Monthly Archives: December 2013

2014 Development Opportunities

The sky is the limit when you take charge of your own career! I don’t know about you, but if I don’t schedule items into my calendar, time passes by and I never get to those items. I wanted to make you are aware of some upcoming development opportunities, especially if you want to use […]

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My Gift To You

A day of giving that will last a lifetime. That’s right. Take 10% off any coaching services.   including job search coaching. Interested? Don’t delay. This offer ends at midnight.

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Don’t Recruit – Attract

  What if your company could consistently draw top talent – outstanding performers who are eager to come to work? Not every company can exert extraordinary pull like Apple or Google, but you can transform your firm into a magnet for talent. Your goal is to build a strong “employment brand” that defines how current […]

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New Year, New Job?

I really thought people would wait until January before giving notice. However, in the past week I have learned of at least three people in my circle who have already told their employers they would be departing before the clock strikes midnight. These people know something you don’t. They know when it’s time to go. […]

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What If You Could Delight Your Customers?

What if you could delight your customers? By that I mean, not just meeting their expectations, but exceeding their wildest dreams? The people at WestJet just did this. You can by beginning with “What if we could…?” And ending with giving your people permission to figure out the how. Here’s what I mean. What […]

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Watch Your Language

I flew down to Florida today on a flight that would have been perfect, except for the two foul mouth people behind me. My seatmate and I cringed every time one of these guys opened up their mouth. If I hadn’t turned around, I would have assumed they were high school kids who thought using […]

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How to Improve Employee Performance In Seven Easy Steps

Imagine this scenario: Every day you find yourself getting more and more aggravated with a certain employee. You tell him or her to do something and they consistently under deliver, thereby requiring someone else (oftentimes you) to pick up the slack. You are sick of it and seriously considering firing this person. Before you write […]

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How to Create Your Own Recipe For Success

You cannot simply take someone else’s hiring recipe and make it your own. Nor can you provide people with a 45-minute video on hiring and expect them to become experts in talent selection. The majority of people are not experts after viewing these online programs, and if the majority of people are responsible for hiring […]

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