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What I Remember About Last Night’s Grammys

I watched the Grammys last night because I was excited to see Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr play together. Their individual performances and song together were certainly memorable. So were all the network bleeps that seem to mute half the songs that were sung. I seriously had to ask my 13-year old daughter if the CBS was having some broadcasting problems. She just smiled and said they must be bleeping out language they considered inappropriate.

I also remembered thinking that Beyonce looked pretty darn good for a woman who had recently had a baby. I also thought that her opening act was a bore. Even with Jay Z along for the ride.

I remember thinking, when are they actually going to give out a few awards. Every now and again they managed to slip a few in between long sets. Some artists gave nice speeches and others like Lorde were painfully out of their comfort zones. Lord help me was the only thing I could think of as they announced the winner of Record of the Year. Thankfully it was Bruno Mars and not Lorde again.

The last thing I remembered  thinking was, when is this show going to end?

What were your thoughts about last night’s show?

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