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What’s Love Got To Do With Productivity And Profitability?

Plenty! It has everything to do with keeping employees engaged, customers content and loyal, and the bottom line growing strong. Like many of you, I go out of my way to do business with companies where I’m treated like I matter. For example, look at food retailer Trader Joe’s. Can’t find an item? Simply ask, and you’ll receive an .escort right to the product you’ve been searching for. Feeling a little squeamish about trying something new? No problem. A friendly Trader Joe’s teammate will gladly open a package so you can try it in the store, or will tell you that you can bring it back for a full refund, even if the item is opened.

Trader Joe’s is as picky about the employees they choose to work in their stores as they are about the products they offer. That’s because they know their front line is the key to their bottom line.

Trader Joe’s is one of a handful of companies that I cited as being magnetic in my latest book, Talent Magnetism. When a new store opens, there are lines of applicants who can’t wait to be awarded a Hawaiian shirt (the store uniform). Employees I’ve spoken with love what they do, and it shows.

Now think of an organization where it’s pretty clear that employees are there for one thing only; a paycheck. These people do the minimal amount of work that is required, and nothing more. They’re not in love with their employers, nor do they care about customers. Their feelings show.

These companies tend to view their employees as disposable. They believe they can easily replace those who choose to leave, and in most situations they can. But then the cycle never ends. They hire people who will put up with the work conditions, and continue to treat them the exact way they treated those who are gone. And what about the customers? Oh, they get treated the same—poorly.

If you want your employees to love their work, and your customers to love doing business with you, then start by taking responsibility for the relationship. Treat your employees with the kind of respect that will ensure their commitment for years to come.

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