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Go Bold Or Go Home

Be bold!

Be bold!

I’m writing this post for me as much as I’m writing it for you. I used to think I was a pretty bold person. I didn’t care all that much what people thought about me. However, lately I feel like I’ve been losing my edge. My “I don’t care” attitude seems to have shifted a bit to the left. It’s time for a course correction. Here’s why.

If I’m merely repeating what everyone is saying, then I’m no longer a person of interest. I’m just like everyone else. The thought of that frightens me more than the idea of offending someone. People are looking to me and to you because they are interested in our perspective. Having no opinion or a generic opinion is ten times worse than being wrong in your opinion. Say what you have to say and move on.

Beating around the bush is a time waster. I need to be more direct. Hard to believe considering I’m from NY. I used to be that way and then something happened. I began to soften my words. I need to get my chutzpah (that’s Yiddish for moxie) back, as that’s what attracted people to me in the first place. I’m not going to tip toe around things anymore. Nor should you. If I think you are about to make a huge mistake, I’m going to tell you and I’m not going to worry that what I’m about to say may offend you. I’m here to help my clients and you’re there to help your team. Let’s worry less about being liked and more about doing our jobs well.

Gatekeepers are there for a reason and usually it’s not to help people like you or me. I’m going to stop making nice to people who are preventing me from sharing my expertise with the world. Yes that’s right. If you are reading this and you are a gatekeeper, then please don’t take this personally. I understand you are doing your job. Now please understand I’m doing mine. It’s time to move beyond the gatekeepers in your organization who are preventing you from getting things done. Let’s move forward together.

What are you going to do to be more bold in your thinking? Or is your plan to simply go home?

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