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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Are You Making A Blizzard Out Of Nothing?

As I write this, I’m one of the many survivors of what was supposed to be a blizzard in my part of the state. Like my neighbors, I fretted about what was to be and finally put my butt in gear (and my car on the road) in order to ensure we had provisions in […]

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Employee Turnover And The Blame Game

Employee turnover is on the rise. Here’s some of the best excuses as to why this is so.  I call this the Blame Game. It was simply a bad batch of new hires – If only this were true. Could it be possible that something has changed in your organization? Have the needs of the […]

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Purposelful Hiring: How To Attract Millennials To Your Workplace

Deloitte just released its fourth annual Millennial Survey and the findings suggest what Millennials (and me) have known all along. Employers are barking up the wrong tree when it comes to hiring. That may very well explain why businesses are having an extremely difficult time attracting and hiring talent. Business leaders need to take a […]

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The Real Truth About Employee Engagement

Every company I know is working towards improving employee engagement, yet engagement is at an all time low. Why? Because employee engagement programs don’t work. You cannot buy your way into engagement, although many companies try. Nor can you bully people into getting on board the engagement train. Engagement must grow organically, from the inside […]

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Matuson’s 15 Workplace Predictions For 2015

Employee auctions will replace online recruiting. The highest bidder with the coolest office will win. Workplace violence will rise, as frustrated workers take matters into their own hands. Employees will flock to see Bad Bosses 2, while bad bosses watch reruns of Working Girl. Employees who’ve been sitting in the departure lounge will charter a […]

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