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Monthly Archives: March 2015

The Leaving Speech: How To Get Your Employees To Stay By Preparing Them To Leave

I always tell my clients to start with the end goal in mind and work backwards. Magnetic leader, Rob Nixon, CEO & Founder at PANALITIX , and author of the newly released, Remaining Relevant, has taken this to the extreme. Nixon delivers an awesome leaving speech to each employee on his or her first day […]

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How Many Employees Are Waiting In Your Departure Lounge?

Nobody likes to talk about it, even though it is happening in workplaces all across America – employees who have decided it is time to fly the coop. Departure lounges are overflowing with these types of employees – all waiting for their final boarding call. Employees rarely start a job thinking they will tour around […]

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Ten Reasons Why You Can’t Fill Jobs And What You Can Do To Change This

It pains me to stand by and watch others continuously try to fill the same jobs day in and day out. I’ve reached the point where I can no longer sit back and be silent. Here are ten reasons you can’t fill jobs, and what you can do to change this. Your expectations are ridiculous. […]

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How To Hire Top Talent In A Membership Economy

In her new book, The Membership Economy, Robbie Kellman Baxter, Founder of Peninsula Strategies, a Silicon Valley consulting firm that has advised organizations including Netflix, the National Restaurant Association and  SurveyMonkey, discusses how the Membership Economy is replacing the Ownership Economy—and how it represents a shift in mindset among both the organizations and the customers—not […]

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5 Characteristics Of A Great Mentoring Relationship

If you’ve ever had a mentor or been a mentor, then you know how this relationship can be a game-changer for years to come. Here are 5 characteristics of a great mentoring relationship: The relationship is mutually beneficial. The best mentoring relationships are those where both parties are getting something out of the relationship. The […]

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Turning Failures Into Successes

Tomorrow, I will be launching my first virtual session of Move Up/Manage Right. I never would have considered doing this, had I not failed in my attempt to cross the Canadian border and deliver a live session of this program. That whole ordeal is something for another post. For now, let’s focus on how I […]

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