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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Why You Are Struggling To Fill Sales Jobs With Millennials-Part II

In part one of this two part article, we shared stories and ideas on why so many companies are struggling to fill sales jobs with millennials. In this post, Part II, we’ll share what you can do to reverse this trend. Start solving the millennial challenge now, says Francis. “Building the best team possible is […]

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Five Characteristics Of A Great Mentoring Relationship

I’m currently helping a number of my clients design and implement mentoring programs, as they seek ways to deepen their relationships with their employees, by providing additional developmental opportunities to their people. This is a great strategy for attracting and retaining top talent. If you’ve ever had a mentor or been a mentor, then you […]

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Why You Are Struggling To Fill Sales Jobs With Millennials-Part I

A few decades ago, a career in sales was a much sought-after career by young graduates entering the workforce. College seniors would clamor to get on the interview list of on-campus recruiters representing blue-chip companies like IBM and Xerox who were hungry for top sales talent. Today, it’s much harder to sell young people on […]

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Make Time To Stop And Smell The Cherry Blossoms

Many of us are running around like chickens with our heads cut off. So much so, that we miss out on the best that life has to offer. I’ve traveled around the world (more than once), yet I had never seen the world famous Cherry Blossoms in Washington, DC. As luck would have it, my […]

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Five Keys To Building A Joyous Life

I know a lot of people who move through life as if they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. You probably know some of these people as well. They are the friends on Facebook who start each day with a tale of another disaster that has just taken place in their […]

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Leadership Lessons From Las Vegas

I’m flying back from three jammed packed days in Las Vegas, where I had the privilege of presenting a session at the Saba @Work Conference, to a room full of people interested in upping their game in the world of talent acquisition and retention. Here are some lessons learned while attending the conference, as well […]

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