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Monthly Archives: May 2015

How To Avoid Winding Up On “The Hit” List

In some industries, like film and music, ending up on the “hit list” is a good thing. Fame and fortune are bound to follow. Unfortunately, winding up on the “hit list” as a manager is an entirely different story. In the movie, “Horrible Bosses,” three friends devise a plan to rid themselves of their bosses. […]

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Sometimes The Problem Is You

Yesterday, the WSJ, in an article titled Outdated: The Plain-Vanilla Accountant, featured three companies that were in desperate need of accountants. The US unemployment rate for accountants and auditors is 2.9% in the first quarter. That compares to an overall jobless rate of 5.4% in April. We can all agree that it’s tough to find […]

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How To Impress Your First Boss

As I drove through town this afternoon, I saw another group of Smith College graduates ready to take on the world. How fortunate for today’s grads to be leaving school at a time when there are actually jobs. Congratulations to all of you who have just graduated and landed your first “real” job. Here’s my […]

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Leadership Lessons Learned From Motherhood

Today is Mother’s Day so I thought it was appropriate to share some leadership lessons that I’ve learned as a result of being a mother. Equal isn’t fair. I have two children, which means there are a lot of competing demands. I learned early on that there is no way on this earth that you […]

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Inconsistent Consistency

We took our family out to breakfast this morning at one of our favorite restaurants, where I experienced first hand what happens when you deliver inconsistent consistency. My meal came out lukewarm and was severely lacking in flavor. I found the experience quite puzzling, as I’ve ordered this dish before and remember how flavorful the […]

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