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The State of Uncertainty

IMG_7704I used to be able to answer the question of whether I was coming or going with absolute certainly. These days, the answer depends on our giant to-do list of items needed to be completed, prior to moving into our new home. The list is supposed to be decreasing, but most days it seem to be increasing.

So far I’ve called my moving company three times to arrange three different dates to move over a three week time period. My WSJ is now being delivered to my new place, even though I’m not there. My kids have said goodbye to their old school and cannot say hello to their new school until we are in our new home. We are living neither here nor there. We are living in a state of uncertainty.

The state of uncertainty is a a state where employees often reside. They have no idea if they are coming or going. Their boss doesn’t tell them much, so they have to fill in the blanks on their own. It’s a horrible way to live.

Are you the reason your employees are feeling stressed out and may be thinking of leaving? I now have a few spots available in my coaching programs. Luckily, location doesn’t matter, as I’m neither here nor there these days, but I’m available via SKYPE, everywhere!

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