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The Truth Doesn’t Hurt: It Actually Helps

Telling liesI’m not sure when it happened, but somewhere along the line we were taught that telling the truth can be hurtful. Of course there are times when this is true, but in most cases it’s not. Here’s what I mean by this.

I sure as heck wish my former boss would have told me exactly what he was thinking so that I had a chance to improve, before he decided that I needed to go. But alas, he chose not to and as a result I have no idea how I went from Difference Maker of the Year to someone who was discarded. If only he had told me the truth. I could have changed how things ended or at a minimum, I would have learned from my mistakes.

I coach a lot of leaders who have a difficult time giving their employees honest feedback. That is, until I remind them that it’s better to be respected, than loved. Most then make the necessary shift to be what they intended to be. A thoughtful leader who cares enough about his people to tell them the truth. Can you say the same?

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