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Monthly Archives: June 2016

The Bottom Line On Why You Can’t Fill Jobs

As I travel around the country, here’s what I hear from employers: • We can’t find talent. • We can’t keep talent. • We can’t keep talent engaged. Here’s what I hear from those who are seeking employment: • I can’t get past the Applicant Tracking Systems. • I apply for jobs and never hear […]

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Will Obama’s New Overtime Rules Put the “Nap Culture” to Rest?

For the past several years, companies have been trying to outdo one another with an array of perks that remind younger workers of their youth. Walk into any newly designed office these days and you’ll see the mandatory ping-pong table as well as the dedicated space where workers are encouraged to take naps. Is this […]

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How to Grab Your Slice of the Millennial Talent Pie

The class of 2016 has just graduated and is now available for hire. Let the games begin. Companies are trying to outdo one another with crazy perks like kegs in the office and catered meals fit for a king. Don’t even get me started on the slides that are a common feature in newly renovated […]

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