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Employees Have Dreams Too

Ready to Live Out Your Dreams?

Who could forget Martin Luther King, Jr’s., “I Have A Dream” speech? Yet everyday, we forget that employees have dreams as well. Here are but a few of the dreams that employees everywhere are having.

A better life. Who doesn’t dream of having a better life? Yet as I look at the world of work from the other side, I see that for most this dream has become a nightmare. Demanding bosses, 24/7 scheduling and little care for the human side of business has resulted in a life that few would describe as better.

A boss that doesn’t micromanage. In my executive coaching practice, micromanagement is one of the biggest complaints I hear from my clients. Ironically, my clients are many times the biggest offenders. It would be a dream come true for many, if those in management roles would allow the people they hire to do their jobs with little interference.

To enjoy time outside of work. I did something very strange this weekend. I didn’t do any work all weekend. And guess what? Life as I knew it got a heck of a lot better. I gave my mind some much needed time off and focused on having some fun. Sadly, many workers don’t feel they have the luxury of completely ignoring work and enjoying themselves when they leave the workplace. Their dreams of having a balanced life feel out of reach to most.

Interesting work. No one dreams of landing a boring job, yet often times that’s exactly what happens. I’ve worked some really boring jobs in my lifetime, yet some great managers made these jobs a lot of fun. Think about what you can do to add some joy back into the workplace, so your employees can once again dream.

To be paid what they are worth. Companies are using the wrong metrics when it comes to pay. They are looking at what they are currently paying people rather than what people are currently worth. Pay people based on the value they contribute to the organization, even if this means adjusting their salaries upwards or downwards annually.

Respect. Employees everywhere dream of being respected, yet there appears to be a shortage of respect. That’s the only reason I can think of as to why you wouldn’t give this to the people that work for you.

I’ve had the pleasure of helping many leaders achieve their dreams of becoming magnetic leaders. What they all had in common was their desire to improve. Are you ready to live out your dreams? Call me at 617-608-3633 or email to begin.

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