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What the Heck is Going On in Recruiting?

Hiring and Recruitment

Candidates tell me all the time how difficult it is to find jobs, while hiring managers complain they can’t fill positions. What the heck is going on in recruiting?

Here’s what I’m seeing:

  • HR is working diligently to screen candidates out when in fact they should be screening candidates in.
  • Hiring managers have a belief that it’s not really their job to hire. That’s the job of HR. They are mistaken.
  • Candidates are filling out online applications and believe they are in full job search mode. They’d be better served picking up the phone and asking friends for personal introductions to people in companies where they are interested in working.
  • Companies are treating job candidates as if they are a hindrance rather than a potential asset.
  • Hiring managers haven’t been properly trained on how to assess candidates.

The list could go on and on. By now, I’m sure you’re seeing a pattern. Hiring is job number one of any leader, especially now that we have record low unemployment rates in many parts of the country. Reach out to me at for a complimentary phone call on what you can do to immediately fill jobs in your organization.


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