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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Three Things to Consider as You Wind Down the Year

As you wind down the year, here are some things to consider. Is talent now seeking us out? If not, what will you do differently in the new year? Are there people on your team that you’re secretly hoping others will poach? What’s your plan to change this? How personally satisfied would you be if […]

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Five Workplace Prediction for 2018

Every year, I create workplace predictions based on my work with clients and my uncanny ability to see what others miss. Here are the first five of eighteen workplace predictions for the coming year. The rest will be announced in my January newsletter, which you can receive by subscribing here. 1.    Record numbers of employees will […]

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The Answer Lies Within

Want to offer a perk that no one else has? Many are searching for a magical formula, but the fact is that the answer lies inside businesses’ organizations. Instead of offering crazy perks, companies need to focus on the one perk they can’t get anywhere else, which is the opportunity to work with a truly magnetic […]

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