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The One Blind Spot That Can Derail an Executive’s Success

Career Success or Failure?

I’ve worked with hundreds of executives to help them dramatically improve their ability to become magnetic leaders. Some need a little bit of tweaking, while others benefit from a complete overhaul. Here’s the one thing they all have in common.

Failure to build strong relationships up, down and across the organization. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are in your area of expertise, if others aren’t behind you, your ideas will never be successfully implemented.

Here’s a real life example of this. I worked with a client, a thought leader in her industry, who couldn’t seem to get traction when presenting her ideas. Her peers rarely supported her in meetings and her staff did the minimum to keep their jobs.

This executive was about to get thrown off her perch. Why? She wasn’t producing results. And to add more fuel to the fire, her staff went to the CEO and told him they felt ignored and disrespected. I was her last chance to remain in her domain. She was fortunate to have received a second lease on life, as leaders are often removed without warning.

Here’s my tip: Focus your efforts on having meaningful conversations with those around you and spend less time perfecting your craft. Build strong relationships throughout the organization. By doing so, you’ll have a cheering squad all around you, to ensure your ideas successfully make it through the implementation stage. And as a result, you’ll be seen as a leader, who is well liked and one who really gets things done!

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